Successful Thinking

Do you know what the most powerful tool in the universe is? If you say the mind, you’d be right. I have never understood why people spend so much time thinking negatively. There is proof that what you think is what you manifest. If you think you can not do a thing, then you can not do it. Change your thinking and you can change your situation.

I know a young man that was once homeless and living in his car. He was sick of being sick and tired. He begin to write positive slogans. He came to understand that actions begin with thoughts and that thoughts are spoken they manifest into actually. This young man was able to create a successful business model using his quotes and speaking his dream into existence. He began but putting those thoughts on T-shirts. From there is grew into music and videos. He opened a store to sell the t-shirts and allowed customers to write their dreams on on the wall. He began a motivational speaker and has inspired thousands of people, all ages and ethnicities to speak their dreams into existence as well. He is literally changing lives.

I have always believed in the power of the mind. I see so many folks using their mind power for negative endeavors, they are so smart, but it always assuredly goes wrong.

If we could just harness the power for positivity  instead, we would be unstoppable. Just like any habit we want to develop, we must practice changing the way we think and stopping negative thoughts in their tracks.

Example, change the thought of I will never be able to start and run my own business to I am capable and teachable and I will learn the skills I need to create and run a successful business. See the difference? Guess what?, If you begin to think you can, you will begin to put that positive thought into action.

You will begin to read and learn, connect with others who are doing what you want to do. Who have accomplished what you want to accomplish. There is nothing wrong with finding a mentor. There are plenty of people who would be honored to do this for you.

Just remember, it starts with a simple thought. You can read more about creating your own Power Mindset by reading the first Ebook in my Winning Like A Boss Series, Winning Like A Boss!: Make Power Moves by Developing A Power Mindset available on Amazon Kindle.



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