Affiliate Marketing

What Affiliate Marketing Is

Essentially, Affiliate Marketing is marketing other people’s (companies) products for sale and receiving a percentage of the sale for your hard work. An Affiliate does not to worry about inventory, improving products or even delivery of product. They just have to get motivated buyers to their website and make sales.In order to do this, they must be trusted by the buyer. It is true that people only spend money with people they trust. How do Affiliate Marketers earn trust? By being knowledgeable about their niche.


Since The Affiliate Marketer has n product of his own, he or she must become their own brand. This is accomplished by become an authority on the chosen niche. This is done by doing research, answering questions of others, blogging on the subject sharing knowledge and tools. In other words making themselves the one to ask about that particular niche.The must become the BRAND.

Internet Marketing

It is imperative that the Affiliate Marketer not only brand and advertise off line, but also have an Internet presence. This is obtained by Having a blog site (where folks can come and find out about the expertise) and social media marketing. It is best to be true to yourself and be real and honest with what you post and say on line. People will not follow people they think are phony or unscrupulous. By the same hand, they will recognize a person who is genuine.

Know Your Customer

In in type of sales, you need to know who you are attempting to sell to. It is also important to understand the sales cycle. There are three very important stages in the Customer Purchase Lifecyle that you need to be aware of.  There are 3 important stages in the cycle controlling factors deciding how close a prospective customer is to becoming a paying customer.



Today’s consumer only need go online  to research before committing to purchase. A simple Google search can present  them with a wealth of information and the knowledgeable affiliate may be able to intervene and help with the second step, decision making. Usually, once the decision is made to purchase it is a matter of getting them to purchase from you. To become a successful Affiliate Marketer it is important to not only recognize each stage, but develop some strategies that will enable them to convert each phase into a paying customer.

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