Hello, I am Diana and I am an Internet Marketer and Internet Radio Host and Blogger. I have over 40 years of experience and practice as a Nurse and I love it, I also have an additional career. I am an affiliate marketer, meaning I promote other people’s products and services and they pay me, I am also multi-level marketer.

I have my own web-based store. I sell housewares, decorative items, keepsakes, collectibles, luggage, and other items to give away as gifts or to keep for yourself. Take a look at
Diana’s Space

In addition to that I have my own Facebook page for Internet Marketers, where we come together to share friendship, knowledge and tips to help and support each other on our individual paths to financial independence. Internet Marketers Network was originally hosted n the Ning platform. Check out Internet Marketers Network  Facebook Page when you have a moment.

As a result of IMN I discovered Blogtalk radio. I used this platform to further inspire, encourage and spotlight business owners, entrepreneurs, writers, poets, singers, composers and artist. Internet Marketers BTR show aired live every Saturday fro 4 – 5 pm est we no longer do live broadcast but you can listen to past shows right from the show page.

I an internet radio show  host of a  show called Conversations, which allows independent artists, writers, poets and such to get the word out about their projects and themselves. Conversations airs every Saturday evening from 7pm – 11pm est on WDGPradio.net.

WDGP Radio is my Internet Radio Station that provides Independent music from all genres including spoken word and is also a great place to economically advertise your business, product or service.

I am also a travel agent and I will plan and book a trip to your specifications and specialize in cruise bookings. You can book your own travel at my travel portal Diana Broomfield

One more thing, if you are looking for an income opportunity, or you need your own domain, website and/or hosting check out Own Your Domain I think you have gathered that I am an advocate for multiple streams of income. If you have any questions, comments or just want to say hello, drop me a note. Be Blessed and be Prosperous.

I certainly believe in giving back so I started a non profit to assist children in exploring and excelling in music and all related arts. It’s called Children’s World of Music and we make the world beautiful, one note at a time. Please visit our website and if you want to support Our Vision, consider donating to the cause directly from the website, any amount helps. If you would rather, you can shop on amazon.com via smile.amazon.com and make Children’s World of Music your charity.

Recently I found a community that reminds me of Internet Marketers Network, but on steroids. Truly a place where all can learn, Newbies, Intermediate, and Advanced Marketers can learn, teach and grow. Check out Wealthy Affiliates and while your there visit my profile page too. I’ll be happy to assist you in any way I can.